Learning outcomes:

The aim of the course is to understand the economic importance of the problem of environmental degradation and destruction. To this end, the impacts of the behavior of economic entities on the environment are being investigated while charting and investigating the economic ways of reducing pollution and protecting the environment based on the classic microeconomic framework.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • Recognizes the economic dimension of environmental problems.
  • Distinguishes the main types of pollution and their impact on the economic environment
  • Explores the importance of negative external economies and their impact on economic growth.
  • Proposes financial solutions to reduce environmental problems.
  • Explains that solutions to environmental problems are not unique, but depend on the nature of the problems and the phase of the economic cycle in which the economy is located.

Assesses economic environmental policies and their contribution to sustainable development


  • Code :             X61
  • Semester :     6th
  • Effort :              7.5 ECTS
  • Hours :             3 per week
  • Type :                Enviroment
  • Department : Economics
  • Exams :             Yes

Course Contents:

Part 1:Introduction to the Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment,

Part 2: Market Failure and External Economies,

Part 3: Economic Theory for Environmental Management and Protection

Part 4: Introduction to the concept of Sustainable Development.