Dear students

On behalf of the University of Western Macedonia and the contributors of the study programme ECONOMICS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, which I have the honour to be the Head, I would like to congratulate you on your admission to the University of Western Macedonia and welcome you and wish a good and productive stay in Greece, Kastoria, in the region of Western Macedonia.

Economy globalization , the international requirements for sustainable economic growth, the need for international energy regulations, and "clean" energy investment activity trends have led to a growing demand for specialized and qualified experts in the field of economics for sustainable economic growth and development both at the micro- and macro-levels of economic activity.

The ECONOMICS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT study programme aims to educate highly qualified executives to contribute to the management of private and state organizations, and engage them in initiatives that foster economic development while prioritizing sustainability for both organizations and the whole world.

Upon completion of the ECONOMICS AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT study programme, graduates will be able to use all appropriate sustainability-related methods, tools, models, and practices.

To conclude, allow me to assure you that both myself and the rest of my colleagues and the other teaching and administrative staff will be available to address any concerns that may arise during your stay in Kastoria.

Kastoria, January  2023

Professor Nicholas Tsounis