Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was founded in 2019  in Kastoria and belongs to the School of Economic Sciences of the University of Western Macedonia.

The Department’s overall mission involves the promotion of Economics with Academic and Applied teaching and research. It caters for outstanding economic education and offers two strands of specialisation: a) Economic Analysis and b) Business Administration. Graduates can pursue postgraduate and doctoral studies, both in Greek and International Universities.

Advanced Economic studies, combined with contemporary curricula, include disciplines aligned with the requirements of the National Economy and the local and global labour market. Therefore, they create direct links to employment opportunities for graduates. The academic staff are qualified with substantial theoretical and practical expertise in contemporary economic science and boast of internationally recognised publications, which enables effective dissemination of knowledge to students. In addition, the competent administrative staff provides support to students throughout studies.

The Department of Economics has fostered significant research activities in cutting-edge areas of Economic Science, making a substantial contribution to economic research in Greece. It plays a central role in generating discipline-specific knowledge, critical analysis of economic relations and institutions, and research projects, which enrich Greek and International literature with issues related to economic science.

As it engages in economic science in the Region of Western Macedonia, its relevant research is closely related to the regional/local development process. The Department collaborates closely with local authority stakeholders, and businesses on a   national, regional, and local level. It also explores issues related to production, demand, innovation, development, growth, extroversion, institutions, trade, economic relations, services, and their respective strategies, all aimed at enhancing competitiveness and excellence.

Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering, founded in 2019, has 11 academic staff members, with outstanding scientific education and training, and a strong focus on comprehensive understanding of Chemical Engineering as well as special abilities and skills to adapt and incorporate constantly evolving technologies.

The systematic laboratory and practical training provided to students effectively connects theoretical knowledge with practical applications and enables them to become familiar with professional requirements for their future career. The Department of Chemical Engineering aims to generate expert knowledge in the field of chemical engineering and provide students with comprehensive education from undergraduate to advanced postgraduate levels. Committed to excellence, the Department upholds principles of meritocracy and consistency within an academic framework of creative teaching and research focused on inspiring scholarship and creativity among students.

In addition to the main objectives of the programme, which focus on catering for a thorough scientific education for aspiring chemical engineers and preparing them to meet modern professional demands, there is also the awareness of the engineer's societal role. More specifically, for chemical engineers, this entails promoting environmental consciousness and fostering a "green" culture in production that will drastically reduce inputs (natural resources, energy) and outputs (waste, etc.). This approach, which combines environmental protection and production processes, is not only a global priority driven by climate change and the need to continuously reduce ecological footprint, but also contributes to the improvement of production processes, "green" products with a longer life cycle, and creation of new jobs.

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics, established in 2019, is located in Kastoria and belongs to the School of Science.

The department aims at offering a modern course programme in Mathematics and enabling students to acquire the required scientific background to meet education and research requirements.

As the only Department of Mathematics in the Region of Western Macedonia, its educational and research activities are also closely connected with the local community. As part of this initiative, the department works closely with the local branch of the Hellenic Mathematical Society, facilitating students' engagement with the mathematical community.

Courses last 8 semesters and are focused on two goals: to adequately educate students who wish to teach Mathematics in Secondary Education, and effectively equip those who wish to pursue postgraduate/doctoral study and engage in research in the field of Mathematical Sciences, with outstanding knowledge and theoretical undergraduate background. The Department's mission is to foster and promote Mathematical Science through academic and applied teaching, and research, thus enabling students to meet the demands of science and the real needs of contemporary society.

Graduates are provided with opportunities to pursue Master's Degree courses and Doctoral Studies at Greek or international universities.