Learning outcomes:

Course content includes a variety of theories and approaches in strategic marketing and communication for sustainability and aims at introducing students to the latest thinking and practice in strategic marketing and communications, with a particular twist on sustainability. During the course, students will have the opportunity to evaluate the key components of company marketing analysis and planning, creating and sustaining sustainable brands, consumer behaviour theories, strategic communication, stakeholder management.

Upon successful completion of the course the student will be able to:

- Critically appraise the role of marketing, marketing for sustainability and especially communications (including digital marketing ones) in sustaining organisational success in a variety of global business environments.

- Identify and critically evaluate marketing information sources and interpret their impacts on strategic and operational marketing for strategic issues.

- Critically assess, and choose selectively from, the toolkit of concepts and analytical frameworks in order to formulate marketing strategies and implementation plans with an emphasis on strategic communications, CSR and sustainability.

- Develop creative and sustainable marketing and digital marketing for solutions to sustainability challenges.

- Defend and justify proposals for marketing plans, which aim at further growth, transformation and performance of firms.


  • Code :             X32
  • Semester :     3rd
  • Effort :              7.5 ECTS
  • Hours :             3 per week
  • Type :                Economics
  • Department : Mathematics
  • Exams :             Yes

Course Contents:

  • Marketing for a Sustainable World
  • Sustainability issues and actors
  • Creating and sustaining sustainable brands
  • How marketing communication works: behavioral foundations
  • CSR and Responsible Management
  • Strategic communication for sustainability
  • Digital communication for sustainability