Learning outcomes:

The course: ‘’Clean Energy Transition & Economic Development’’ aims to introduce students to the area of energy transition strategies at the regional, national, European and international level. To this end, the course places emphasis on the linkages of energy transition policies with sustainable and resilient economic development.

Within the above context, the course aims to familiarize students with international, European, national and regional strategies for a just development transition to a low or neutral carbon economy.

Students are expected to acquire the ability to evaluate clean energy transition strategies through a critical and interdisciplinary approach, in the context of teamwork and individual assignment by each student.


Course Contents:

This course builds on the logic of a dynamic research laboratory. Based on this background, the course contents are articulated upon the following pillars: 

The UN Context

  • Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Paris Agreement 

The EU Context

  • Just Transition Mechanism
  • 2050 long-term strategy
  • Energy Union
  • Clean energy for all Europeans package
  • Equality Platform for Energy Sector 

The National / Regional Context

  • National Energy and Climate Plan (NECPs)
  • Regional Just Transition Development Plans

Impacts of Clean Energy Transition on

  • Economy
  • Society
  • Environment

Means of Clean Energy Transition

  • Funding & Investment
  • Green & Circular Economy
  • Just Transition Governance
  • Land restoration & repurposing