Learning outcomes:

By the term "natural resources" according to various interpretations given, we mean: Characteristics of the natural environment able to meet human needs. Goods or materials provided by nature. The primary and non-human transformed components of nature that can be used to cover basic human goods. The primary basic and non-man-made goods. It is now well known that the development of a country depends to a large extent on the scientifically correct and planned exploitation and utilization of its natural resources. By exploitation and exploitation we mean the cultivation and exploitation of the land, the development and exploitation of forests, the extraction and exploitation of ores, the exploitation of the fishery wealth of the seas, the utilization of pastures for the production of productive animals, the pumping and exploitation of liquid fuels, the utilization of natural beauty, the exploitation of the water potential of our planet, the utilization of all kinds of forms of energy, etc.


  • Code :             X64
  • Semester :     6th
  • Effort :              7.5 ECTS
  • Hours :             3 per week
  • Type :                Environment
  • Department : Chemistry
  • Exams :             Yes

Course Contents:

The management of a natural resource or an ecosystem consists of a number NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT actions that lead to the realization of the objective goals or objectives. The overall management process is divided into four functions: Design Organization Address Control

The essential elements of rational nature management are:

optimal ways of consuming types of resources and their complex use.

-taking into account the speed and volume of resource renewal;

-management of simple and extensive resource reproduction.

-maintaining the quality of the used landscape (ecosystem).

-exclusion and elimination of the negative consequences of the seizure of natural resources. 

-organization of the most economical and profitable industries, taking into account the physical operation and dynamics of ecosystems.